Chambers Memorial Baptist Church
"Before we renovate the community we must renovate the people"

Bishop & First Lady
Bishop Lawrence E. Edgerton Sr. & Reverend Donnell Edgerton

Devotion Service 10:00 am
Sunday School 10:15 am
Service 11:00 am

Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm

Prayer meeting 6:00 pm
Bible Study 6:30 pm
Membership class 7:00 pm








2011-2018 Chambers Memorial Baptist Church  219 East 123rd St.  New York, NY 10035-2021  (347) 600-9820  Email Us

A Word from the Bishop

In the name of Jesus to whom is worthy of all praise and blessing! I was lost living in my family's curses and now I am living God's blessings! My great mother struggled just to feed me and my brother, but we always ate. She prayed and I saw God answer. My great mother, Julia, stood on the welfare and church lines just to get us something to eat. Today I am in charge of  feeding thousands physically and spiritually, I owe it all to God! I believe if you confront who you used to be, you can be what God wants you to be. God's house is a hospital for sick people. Lazarus was raised up from the dead, but he still was wrapped up in all kinds of stuff. One of the greatest moves from God is to change. Change is so expensive; it cost Jesus his life! That's why we have things that money can't buy!

TV Ministry Manhattan Neighborhood
Network Channel 57 Monday’s @ 7 AM

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