Chambers Memorial Baptist Church
"Before we renovate the community we must renovate the people"


Deacon Faith's Testimony:  September - October 2017

Before I came to Chambers I was a young girl seeking attention and love from all the wrong places. I was in a relationship loving someone more than I loved myself. I gave more to him than he gave back to me. He was my world but I wasn't his. Friends told me he wasn't being faithful or wasn't being true, but I made excuses and refused to see the truth.

Coming here to Chambers and hearing the word from my Bishop, I gained confidence and self-esteem.   I learned what love really was and how God loved me even when I didn't deserve it. When I stopped going to church because I was just doing it out of form and fashion, still he watched over me and ordered my steps to CMBC.

Here I learned to love God and love myself and  to know my own worth; celebrating myself and being happy with just me. God helped me through the Man of God to open my eyes and not be blinded. Blinded by feelings and emotions, too passionate to see the point. He prayed for my heart and for God to open my eyes. I started to see truth, stopped making excuses and started to stand. God gave me power to be strong and do something I thought I could never do. Something I thought would have killed me, God gave me strength over.

I ended that relationship never to look back. I started a new relationship with God, no longer needing someone to make me feel special or happy; no longer looking for what some people say, my other half. Here I learned when God made me He made me complete. Today I have joy and peace that I never had before. I can smile today without having to fake it. I love God and I know that He loves me in return. Being here in this church underneath these teachings is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I am now an Ordained Deacon doing a service for the Lord. I'm blessed and honored to be in the number.











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