Chambers Memorial Baptist Church
"Before we renovate the community we must renovate the people"

Bishop of Chambers Memorial Baptist Church

Bishop Lawrence E. Edgerton Sr. was born in White Plains, New York and raised in Harlem all of his life. He is the son of Julia V. Edgerton and has one brother. Bishop Edgerton Sr. is a loving husband to his wife of 19 years, Minister Donnell Edgerton, and a father of three children.

As a young boy, he aspired to be a boxing champion of the world. Two times he became a Golden Glove Champion and once he won the Florida National AAU. His dream was deferred by a family tragedy. By seventeen years old he lost both parents and was homeless. Not knowing where his next meal would come from or where he would lay his head, he became a survivor in the streets. By the grace of God he eventually found refuge in the church. Through church scholarships and the support of Rev. William James, he attended Morristown College in Tennessee receiving an Associates of Arts degree in Criminal Justice; Gammon Theological Seminary and Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice & Religion and Philosophy. Bishop Edgerton Sr. is also a proud life time member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

After college Bishop Edgerton Sr. worked for the New York City Bureau of Child Welfare for ten years. Bishop Edgerton Sr. retired after thirty years of dedication to the NYC Board of Education to devote himself to a full time Pastoral Ministry. He served as Assistant Minister for five years under the leadership of the late Rev. Ivy J. Cockerham. He was installed as the twelfth Pastor of C.M.B.C. in 1991. On May 18th, 2013 he was ordained as the first Bishop of Chambers Memorial Baptist Church. He was a great follower and now he’s a great leader!

Under Bishop Edgerton’s leadership the church has grown tremendously! His slogan is “before you renovate the community you must renovate the people”. At Chambers we learn that we must change and we all have something God needs to work on. People who have fellowshipped with Chambers have had an experience they will never forget. Members have gained strength in areas they never thought they could or would. Through the prayers of Bishop Edgerton Sr. people have received miracles from the Lord: healed from cancer, brought back from the dead, their children returned back to them from the Child Welfare System, financial blessings received, just to name a few! At Chambers lives are changed and people become better! This ministry caters to the young, middle aged and seniors alike. We are all blessed!

Bishop Edgerton Sr. is also the founder of Chambers Memorial for Social Change: a not-for-profit organization. This organization was designed to come to the needs of the people. Before any funds were allocated to the program, Bishop Edgerton Sr. came out of his own pocket to purchase equipment, trips and snacks for the youth on a daily basis.

Bishop Edgerton Sr. has a love for God that makes him a man after God’s own heart. From poverty to the pulpit he has seen a lot, been through so much and all helped to form him to be the great man of wisdom he is today. He spends countless hours preaching, teaching and counseling so that souls may be saved in the name of Jesus Christ. He helps members as well as non-members; haters and those who love him. Bishop Edgerton Sr. is a blessing to C.M.B.C. and he’ll be a blessing to you too.

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Bishop Lawrence E. Edgerton Sr.

Life Time Member Kappa Alpha Psi



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